March 17, 2020


Unexpected Romance – Inspired by Black Hojicha

 Focusing around Cornetto’s love-centralized tagline of “Unexpected Romance”, the collaboration between Cornetto and Supercrew started out with a common intention by both parties in bringing out the exact same element of surprise to the table. An intention of which gave birth to an out of the ordinary partnership between two very different brands.


With the uniquely flavored and produced Black Hojicha ice-cream at the center of its inspiration and designs, this collection features a mix and mash of functional and versatile streetwear items, incorporated with Japanese-influenced motifs and elements, love-centralized themes and of course lots and lots of ice-cream!


“The best kind of romance is when you fall in love with unexpected person at unexpected times”.


Embodying the main essence of this statement, this collaboration thus aims to bring a different kind of love to its supporters while proving a point that at times, the most unexpected union, might indeed be the ones to produce the most magical results.

Marketer Supercrew